Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 7(1): 31-40, doi: 10.3750/AIP1977.07.1.03
Experimental rearing of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Rich.) in cooling waters of “Dolna Odra” power station
expand article infoR. Trzebiatowski, J. Filipiak, R. Jakubowski, M. Seyda
Open Access
The paper contains results of studies on cage rearing of rainbow trout in cooling waters of the “Dolna Odra” power station. The experiments, concerning the 0+ young rainbow trout, were carried out during 65 days. Fish were fed on a trout granulate, the portion given amounting to 3% of the current fish weight. From May through October the culture was run in a power station water-supplying channel.