Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 9(1): 15-31, doi: 10.3750/AIP1979.09.1.02
Digenetic trematodes in alimentary tracts of fishes of South Georgia and South Shetlands (Antarctica)
expand article infoK. Zdzitowiecki
Open Access
Digenetic trematodes were found in 30 fish individuals out of 46 examined from catches obtained off South Shetlands, while off South Georgia all 16 individuals examined were found to contain the parasites. The same 7 parasitic species were found in the two areas, Elytrophalloides oatesi (Leiper et Atkinson, 1914) prevailing off South Georgia and Plagioporus pennelli (Leiper et Atkinson, 1914) and Genolinea bowersi (Leiper et Atkinson, 1914) off South Shetlands. The remaining species included: Lecithaster australis Prudhoe et Bray, 1973; Gonocerca phycidis Manter, 1925; Lepidapedon antarcticus Byrd, 1963; and Neolebouria georgiensis Gibson, 1976. The descriptions of L. antarcticus, L. australis and G. bowersi are given along with a number of supplementary remarks concerning morphology of the remaining species found.