Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 19(1): 59-69, doi: 10.3750/AIP1989.19.1.05
Effects of some plant toxins on feeding and growth rate of Barilius bendelisis (Ham.)
expand article infoY.S. Farswan, P. Bhatt J., S.N. Bahuguna
Open Access
Tests conduced in the laboratory indicated that feeding rate in B. bendelisis exposed with safe concentrations of Aesculus indica (10 mg-1) Engelhardtia colebrookiana (8 mg-1) Lyonia ovalifolia (20 mg-1) and Zanthoxylem alatum (2 mg-1) was reduced 37.3%, 39.0%, 17.12%, 47.3% (natural) and 33.5%, 48.0%, 16.3%, 51.5% (artificial) respectively as compared to the non toxicated fish. Growth analysis made at chronic level showed that initially, there was a decline in the weight of fish due to less uptake of food and gradually the length was retarded. The study suggested that since the active compounds of piscicidal plants, at safe concentration level affected the laste system of fishes. Consequently the rate of feeding was inhibited. The less feeding and metabolic disorders found expression as a decline in the total growth of treated fish. It was evident that the principles of A. indica and E. colebrookiana were comparatively more growth inhibitors than L. ovalifolia and Z. alatum.