Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 30(1): 3-17, doi: 10.3750/AIP2000.30.1.01
Growth of roach Rutilus rutilus (L.) In the River Odra estuary
expand article infoK. Więski, W. Załachowski
Open Access
The back-calculation method was applied to determining growth rate of roach caught in the Międzyodrze, Lake Dąbie, Szczecin Lagoon, and the Pomeranian Bay. Samples were collected from April 1995 to October 1997. The Pomeranian Bay and Międzyodrze individuals showed a faster growth rate than that attributed to other stocks. In each of the areas studied, older females grew faster than males. The Odra estuary roach population can be regarded as one of to the fastest growing populations of the species.