Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 32(1): 71-82, doi: 10.3750/AIP2002.32.1.06
Fecundity assessment of vendace, Coregonus albula L. from six lakes in Polish Western Pomerania
expand article infoP. Czerniejewski, J. Filipiak
Open Access
Vendace acquired for the fecundity analysis originated from six west Pomeranian lakes: Pile (97 specimens), Komorze (41), Drawsko (62), Pełcz (89), Moryńskie (91), and Leśne (70). The fish were caught during commercial catches using anchored gillnets, 24-mm mesh size. Substantial differences were stated in individual biological parameters between fish representing different lakes, even if the dominant age group everywhere were 2+ vendace. The fish of Drawsko Lake showed the highest individual weight and the total length. The highest fecundity was stated in fish from lakes Komorze and Drawsko (7.21-16.85ּ103 and 6.9-22.23ּ103, respectively), whereas in Pełcz Lake this parameter reached the value as low as 1.61-4.12ּ103. All vendace exhibited a high, statistically significant correlation between the absolute fecundity and their total length.