Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 32(1): 93-106, doi: 10.3750/AIP2002.32.1.08
The length-weight relationship and condition of pike and perch in Lake Miedwie
expand article infoJ. Szypuła
Open Access
The paper presents the analysis of relationships between variations in Fulton′s condition coefficient (K) and the exponent n in the length-weight (L-W) relationship. When n < 3, K was observed to decrease with fish size; a reverse was true when n > 3. On the other hand, the condition coefficient K′ (Bagenal and Tesch 1978) remained constant and not related to fish size, regardless of n. The two coefficients were used to study condition of the Lake Miedwie pike (85 individuals) and perch (316 individuals) and to determine relationships between condition on the one hand and the fish length, weight, water temperature, and feeding intensity on the other. Four mathematical functions (linear, power, log, and exponential) were applied to study the relationships in each species. In addition, relationships between condition and water temperature and feeding intensity were explored by means of multiple regression. Condition of the two species studied was found to be similar to that reported earlier from water bodies of the former USSR, WÄ™gorzewo Lake District, and the River Odra estuary.