Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 43(1): 57-64, doi: 10.3750/AIP2013.43.1.08
Length–weight relations of 34 fish species caught by small-scale fishery in Korinthiakos Gulf (Central Greece)
expand article infoD.K. Moutopoulos, A. Ramfos, A. Mouka, G. Katselis
Open Access
Length–weight (L–W) relations are presented for 34 fish species covering a full annual fishing period (231 fishing days) of professional small-scale fishery in Korinthiakos Gulf during 2008–2009. These were the typical fish species caught by Greek small-scale fishery. Mean annual values of b ranged from 2.751 to 3.704. The L–W relations were positively allometric for 12 species, negatively allometric for seven species and isometric for 15 species. Twenty-two out of 66 species-season combinations showed that the intercept a and/or slope b values differed significantly among seasons. For Greek waters no information regarding the L–W relations existed for three of the 34 recorded species (i.e., Dentex macrophthalmus, Trachinotus ovatus, and Scyliorhinus canicula).
length–weight relations, season, small-scale fishery, Korinthiakos Gulf, Mediterranean Sea