Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 44(3): 241-248, doi: 10.3750/AIP2014.44.3.08
New records of rare marine fishes from the Gulf of Mannar, India
expand article infoV.P. Padate, R. Rodrigues, C.U. Rivonker
Open Access
The Gulf of Mannar is a haven for rare species, which along with their pristine reef habitats are under constant threat from natural phenomena and anthropogenic activities. Therefore, the presently reported study aimed at documenting and inventorying rare benthic epi-faunal taxa from the region. We undertook 23 bottom trawl hauls at depths between 14 and 153 m in the Gulf of Mannar. Additionally, we collected rare fishes from the Tuticorin fisheries jetty. Our findings revealed that Parapterois heterura (Bleeker, 1856) is a new record for the Indian waters. Additionally, four species namely Ebosia falcata Eschmeyer et Rama-Rao, 1977, Pseudanthias marcia Randall et Hoover, 1993, Apogon queketti Gilchrist, 1903, and Roa jayakari (Norman, 1939) are new records for the east coast of India outside their known geographical range, whereas five other teleosts (Ostichthys acanthorhinus Randall, Shimizu et Yamakawa, 1982, Apogon semiornatus Peters, 1876, Histiopterus typus Temminck et Schlegel, 1844, Macropharyngodon ornatus Randall, 1978, and Scolopsis xenochroa Günther, 1872) are new records for the east coast of India. The present paper supplements the existing knowledge of benthic invertebrate taxa from this region, which is mandatory to understand the role of these species in ecosystem functioning.
reef fishes, bottom trawl, taxonomy, morphometry, meristic counts