Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 45(2): 199-201, doi: 10.3750/AIP2015.45.2.10
Length–weight and length–length relations for 14 fish species from the central Mexican Pacific coast
expand article infoE.R. Sandoval-Huerta, X. Madrigal-Guridi, O. Domínguez-Domínguez, G. Ruiz-Campos, A.F. González-Acosta
Open Access
Length–weight (LWR) and standard length–total length (L–L) relations are presented for 14 fish species caught in four estuaries from the south-eastern coast of Michoacán, México (Central Pacific): Lile nigrofasciata Castro-Aguirre, Ruiz-Campos et Balart, 2002; Pliosteostoma lutipinnis (Jordan et Gilbert, 1882); Agonostomus monticola (Bancroft, 1834); Mugil curema Valenciennes, 1836; Poecilia butleri Jordan, 1889; Centropomus nigrescens Günther, 1864; Lutjanus novemfasciatus Gill, 1862; Eucinostomus currani Zahuranec, 1980; Dormitator latifrons (Richardson, 1844); Eleotris picta Kner, 1863; Gobiomorus maculatus (Günther, 1859); Awaous banana (Valenciennes, 1837); Gobionellus microdon (Gilbert, 1892); Trinectes fonsecensis (Günther, 1862). Values of b ranged from 2.912 to 3.432. The results revealed that length–weight relations for all species were highly correlated; likewise, length–length relations for all fishes also showed high correlation. This study presents for the first time, length–weight parameters for two species and length–length relations for six species.
Actinopterygii, ichthyofauna, estuaries, Michoacán, LWR, regression models, Mexico