Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 45(4): 427-431, doi: 10.3750/AIP2015.45.4.13
Length–weight relations for 29 demersal fishes caught by small otter trawl on the south-eastern coast of Korea
expand article infoJ.M. Park, S.H. Huh
Open Access
We present herewith the relations between total length and weight (LWRs) for 29 fish species from the southern coast of the East Sea (=Sea of Japan), Korea: Conger myriaster (Brevoort, 1856); Coilia nasus Temminck et Schlegel, 1846; Engraulis japonicus Temminck et Schlegel, 1846; Clupea pallasii pallasii Valenciennes, 1847; Coelorinchus multispinulosus Katayama, 1942; Lophius litulon (Jordan, 1902); Zeus faber Linnaeus, 1758; Paracentropogon rubripinnis (Temminck et Schlegel, 1843); Lepidotrigla guentheri Hilgendorf, 1879; Liparis tanakae (Gilbert et Burke, 1912); Acropoma japonicum Günther, 1859; Doederleinia berycoides (Hilgendorf, 1879); Jaydia lineata  (Temminck et Schlegel, 1842); Ostorhinchus semilineatus (Temminck et Schlegel, 1842); Sillago sihama (Forsskål, 1775); Trachurus japonicus (Temminck et Schlegel, 1844); Pagrus major (Temminck et Schlegel, 1843); Pennahia argentata  (Houttuyn, 1782); Zoarces gillii Jordan et Starks, 1905; Callionymus lunatus Temminck et Schlegel, 1845; Callionymus valenciennei Temminck et Schlegel, 1845; Amblychaeturichthys hexanema (Bleeker, 1853); Amblychaeturichthys sciistius (Jordan et Snyder, 1901); Sphyraena pinguis Günther, 1874; Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus, 1758; Psenopsis anomala (Temminck et Schlegel, 1844); Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus Günther, 1862; Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae (Günther, 1877); and Cynoglossus robustus Günther, 1873. The LWRs for 12 species are estimated for the first time and new maximum lengths for six species are reported herewith. All of the relations between total length and weight were significant (all r2 > 0.938). The values of exponent b, estimated using simple linear least squares of log-transformed weight and length data, ranged from 2.730 to 3.440.
marine fish, fisheries management, East Sea, Sea of Japan, LWR