Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 48(3): 241-244, doi: 10.3750/AIEP/02407
First record of the giant pangasius, Pangasius sanitwongsei (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes: Pangasiidae), from central Anatolia, Turkey
expand article infoB. Yoğurtçuoğlu, G. Ekmekçi F.
Open Access
Occurrence of ornamental freshwater fishes in aquatic environments has been increasing in recent years. In this study, we reported incidental wild-caught adult specimens of giant catfish, Pangasius sanitwongsei Smith, 1931, from the Sakarya River Basin in central Anatolia. This record is new for Turkish freshwaters and indicates the need for public awareness on illegal fish release and introductions as well as for preparing a sound regulation for the aquarium trade.
Pangasius, new record, ornamental fish, aquarium trade, Turkey