Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 48(3): 277-283, doi: 10.3750/AIEP/02334
Fish species caught by shrimp trawlers off the coast of Sergipe, in north-eastern Brazil, and their length–weight relations
expand article infoT.M.R.R. Barreto, K.M.F. Freire, J.J.C. Reis-Júnior, L.C. Rosa, A. Carvalho-Filho, M.M. Rotundo
Open Access
The objective of this study was to report all fish species caught by shrimp trawlers based in Pirambu, in the state of Sergipe, Brazil and estimate the length–weight relation (LWR) for the most abundant species in the samples. Four samples were collected monthly from four shrimp trawlers. A total of 8522 fishes were caught (89 species; 38 families). LWRs were estimated for 18 species having the parameter b within the range of 2.5–3.5: Cathorops spixii (Agassiz, 1829); Stellifer brasiliensis (Schultz, 1945); Pellona harroweri (Fowler, 1917); Odontognathus mucronatus Lacepède, 1800; Paralonchurus brasiliensis (Steindachner, 1875); Stellifer rastrifer (Jordan, 1889); Isopisthus parvipinnis (Cuvier, 1830); Selene brownii (Cuvier, 1816); Anchoa spinifer (Valenciennes, 1848); Trinectes paulistanus (Miranda Ribeiro, 1915); Symphurus plagusia (Bloch et Schneider, 1801); Chirocentrodon bleekerianus (Poey, 1867); Stellifer stellifer (Bloch, 1790); Citharichthys spilopterus Günther, 1862; Ctenosciaena gracilicirrhus (Metzelaar, 1919); Anchoviella lepidentostole (Fowler, 1911); Peprilus crenulatus Cuvier, 1829; Genyatremus cavifrons (Cuvier, 1830). Five new maximum size records were reported in this study for Trinectes paulistanus, Citharichthys spilopterus, Anchoviella lepidentostole, Chirocentrodon bleekerianus, and Stellifer brasiliensis. Fifty-four new maximum weight records were also registered. LWR estimated here are the first for Genyatremus cavifrons and Peprilus crenulatus.
weight–length relation, shrimp trawlers, bycatch, discard, WLR