Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 49(3): 269-274, doi: 10.3750/AIEP/02573
New record of Bembradium magnoculum (Actinopterygii: Scorpaeniformes: Plectrogeniidae) from the north-eastern Indian Ocean
expand article infoK.V. Aneesh Kumar, M. Sileesh, M. Rajeeshkumar, K. Bineesh, M. Hashim, N. Saravanane, M. Sudhakar, R. Fricke
Open Access
The presence of the deep-water flathead, Bembradium magnoculum Kishimoto, Kawai, Tashiro et Aungtonya, 2019, from the north-eastern Indian Ocean is reported for the first time. The species was previously known only from a single specimen collected off Phuket, Thailand, eastern Andaman Sea. One specimen measuring 101 mm SL was collected by the Fishery Oceanographic Research Vessel (FORV) Sagar Sampada with a demersal trawl (HSDT crustacean version) on the insular shelf north of Car Nicobar Island, Nicobar Islands, at 362 m depth. The specimen is described, and the new distributional record from the north-eastern Indian Ocean is confirmed.
deepwater flatheads, Bembradium magnoculum, Plectrogeniidae, Scorpaeniformes, Nicobar Islands, India