Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 49(3): 283-285, doi: 10.3750/AIEP/02627
First record of the Mediterranean spiderfish, Bathypterois dubius (Actinopterygii: Scopeliformes: Ipnopidae), from the Tunisian coast (central Mediterranean Sea)
expand article infoC. Capapé, S. Rafrafi-Nouira, C. Reynaud, D. Golani
Open Access
The Mediterranean spiderfish, Bathypterois dubius Vaillant, 1888,  is recorded for the first time in Tunisian waters. The specimen was caught in the northwest Tunisian coast. It measured 183 mm in total length and weighed 32.9 g. The specimen is briefly described including morphometric measurements and meristic counts. Its distribution in the Mediterranean Sea is discussed. This capture is the southernmost extension range of the species in the Mediterranean.
morphometric measurements, meristic counts, first record, Ipnopidae, southernmost extension range